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April 17, 2024

At Designership, our mission has always been to empower designers with real-world skills and knowledge to help them earn more money. Yep, it's to help you earn more through education and resources that you can implement immediately into your workflow. We care about moving that needle for you.

Having been in operation for two years, we've gathered many insights. One of our main learnings was how eager our students wanted to grow more as designer — and how much more we had to share. This includes everything from helping designers build a higher sense of business acumen, all the way through to expanding their services to tools like Webflow and Framer!

As we listened to your feedback and reflected on our growth, it became clear that our old website design wasn't equipped to handle the projects we had in our pipeline.

More courses, vetted and trusted educators, and other learning opportunities meant we needed a platform that could grow with us. It also had to match the scale of our vision for the future of Designership.

And that's why we’ve given our website a complete makeover!

However, that's not the only thing we've been working on. Here's a closer look at all the cool updates coming soon.

Designership's new look: What's different?

Let's dive into the specifics of our brand-new website.

Navigation header preview in the Designership new website

1. More focused navigation system

We've fine-tuned our navigation to help you quickly find our courses and resources. Right now, it's focused on Courses, Figma, and UX Design, but we plan to expand these options soon! This includes everything from marketing, business and even tools like Framer and Webflow. Once again, it's all about helping you earn more, so whatever it takes we will have.

2. Improved user experience

Instead of focusing on building a "flashy" website. We redirected our focus on the overall user experience and information architecture of the platform. The goal of the re-design has been to help our students find what they want faster and more efficiently.

Here’s what we've improved on:

The Designership new homepage in desktop and mobile view

Homepage: A website's homepage sets the tone and first impression. Our new design makes it clear and easy to digest so that everything you see immediately communicates what we offer.

Course category pages: As we expand our course line-up, it was important for us to make sure our website design reflected this.

We've also added a new set of filters so that it would be easy to find what you're looking for.

Course landing pages: The redesigned content pages focuses more on content clarity. Now the course information is easier to understand, so you can decide if it's for you!

Keep in mind that this website update is just the first step. Stay tuned!

Shipfaster UI 2.7

Shipfaster UI 2.7 preview

If it's your first time to hear about Shipfaster UI, it is a comprehensive Figma UI kit and design system designed and maintained by the Designership team. It features over 8,000 customizable components, allowing for rapid and efficient design execution. The kit includes a vast array of tools such as 140+ page templates, 150+ global styles, and numerous media resources. Designed with accessibility in mind, it complies with WCAG 2.1 standards and is suitable for designers at all skill levels. This system aims to improve design consistency and speed, particularly benefiting teams and solo designers alike.

This latest version comes loaded with fresh components, upgraded features for better flexibility, and more improvements to make your design process quicker: 

  • Dropdowns
  • Line and bar charts
  • Ratings
  • Sliders
  • Verification inputs
  • And more fresh templates to boot!

Outline Wireframe Kit 2.0

Outline Wireframe Library 2.0 preview

Outline Wireframe Kit is a comprehensive Figma wireframe kit designed to facilitate rapid prototyping and efficient design iteration. It includes over 350 components, 90+ pre-designed templates, and more than 1,180 icons and media assets. The kit emphasizes speed and flexibility in design, featuring pixel-perfect components that are easily customizable and adhere to a 4 and 8-point grid system. It supports Figma’s latest features like Auto Layout 3.0, ensuring compatibility and enhancing collaborative efforts within design teams.

Think of everything you loved about the original Outline, but now with hundreds more components, a more refined visual style and a drastically improved workflow:

  • Horizontal layout update
  • Improved icon search
  • Mobile-ready templates
  • and more

New UX/UI Design course is coming soon

UX/UI Design Masterclass course preview

Another major project in the works that's ready to be launched is our new UX/UI Design course.

Many designers often use UX and UI design interchangeably, but in reality, they spend most of their time pushing pixels as a UI designer.

This course offers a hands-on and practical approach that guides you through the entire design process. It starts with a real project brief where pre-existing research is passed on from our UX research course and your goal is to form the entire project strategy, create sitemaps, userflows, wireframes, UI designs and even user test plans to wrap the project up. You will dive deep into different frameworks to optimize your thinking, strategies and workflow alongside your instructor.

By the end of this course, you will understand the differences between UX and UI design and learn to apply both effectively. This approach will make it easier for you to design that are strategically aligned with business objectives.

Here's a rundown of what you'll learn:

  • The difference between UI & UX design: Find out from the get-go and and start your project with a clear understanding of sitemaps and userflows.
  • Wireframes to prototyping: Learn to create different types of wireframes and apply behavioral design principles using the Fogg Behavior Model to optimize your wireframes.
  • Lean branding strategy: Craft a lean brand strategy by understanding the psychology of colors, their meanings, and how they interact in various contexts.
  • Foundational styles: Understand how to use grid layouts, typography, color palettes, and iconography through practical challenges.
  • Technical deep dive: Gain a solid understanding of CSS concepts like the box model, CSS grid, flexbox, and absolute positioning, with practical challenges for each.
  • Grid systems: Learn the principles of the 4pt grid system and its application in design.
  • Comprehensive UI design: Break down every component of a UI project from headers to responsive views.
  • Prototyping in Figma: Set up UI prototypes and learn the intricacies of Figma for creating responsive and interactive designs.
  • Usability testing: Create test plans, set up and conduct usability tests, and iterate on designs based on feedback.
  • Tools and resources: Find out how can be useful for your testing and design validation processes.

Early bird slots are limited, so sign up here when you can!

Designership is here to support your growth as a designer by constantly updating our courses and products with the latest industry trends and standards.

We'd love to hear what you think! Drop us a line or follow us on our social channels to stay updated on what's new and upcoming at Designership.

Michael Wong
Founder of Designership & z0 Studio

Mizko, also known as Michael Wong, brings a 14-year track record as a Founder, Educator, Investor, and Designer. His career evolved from lead designer to freelancer, and ultimately to the owner of a successful agency, generating over $10M in revenue from Product (UX/UI) Design, Web Design, and No-code Development. His leadership at the agency contributed to the strategy and design for over 50 high-growth startups, aiding them in raising a combined total of over $400M+ in venture capital.

Notable projects include: Autotrader (Acquired. by eBay), PhoneWagon (Acquired by CallRails), Spaceship ($1B in managed funds), Archistar ($15M+ raised) and many more.

You can learn more about me on:
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