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Best Figma Wireframe Kits: Our Top 12 Choices for 2024

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September 15, 2023

They say that if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

In the world of UI design, wireframes play a crucial role in shaping digital user experiences. 

They are blueprints that help you execute a great design and avoid mistakes. They help you plan to execute a design and help stop issues before they snowball. 

Let’s discuss the importance of wireframe kits and the key features that make them stand out. Our list of handpicked Figma wireframe UI kits for 2024 are here to help supercharge your workflow and become a better and faster designer.

Are you still unsure about what wireframes are and how to use them? We’ve got you covered with our guide: Everything you need to know about Wireframes.

Why wireframe kits are essential

Figma wireframe kit showcasing different UI components.

Wireframes are an important early step in UI design. Conceptualizing at a structural level allows you to focus on how elements are laid out on a screen with the goal of keeping it as intuitive as possible.

Wireframe UI kits, especially with tools like Figma, bring many advantages.

Speeds up the design process

One of the main benefits is the speed at which a design can take shape.

Instead of creating every element from scratch, designers can use pre-designed components. This allows them to focus on the broader design without getting overwhelmed by small details.

Ensures consistency

Because a wireframe UI kit comes with pre-designed elements, it will help keep your design consistent throughout. This ensures your user interface looks consistent and improves the overall user experience.

Improves collaboration

Wireframe UI kits are a universal language all team members can understand. It’s structured so relevant team members, stakeholders, and clients can understand and visualize the design’s intent.

In return, collaborators can share feedback more efficiently.

Reduces rework

Wireframe kits provide a clear picture of the final product's appearance early on. This makes it easier to spot and fix any potential problems or inconsistencies. Addressing these early on means less rework later in the design process.

Teaches best practices

Wireframe UI kits can be a tutorial in best design practices for budding designers. By observing and utilizing the elements in these kits, designers can learn the ins and outs of effective design.

Offers scalability

As businesses grow and evolve, their digital products need to scale, too. Wireframe UI kits are typically designed with scalability in mind. They allow the foundational design to adapt to new features or changes in direction without a complete overhaul.

Features of a great wireframe kit

Outline UI kit showcasing different styles of text, color, icons, and other elements.

While plenty of wireframe UI kits are available, several features set the outstanding ones apart.


What defines a superior wireframe kit is its adaptability. Users should be able to tweak components to fit their unique requirements.

A great wireframe UI kit offers flexibility without compromising design integrity, whether it’s adjusting colors, fonts, or layout structures.


Cross-platform and cross-device compatibility is essential. The top wireframe kits work smoothly with different platforms and devices, so your design looks and works its best on them.

Range of UI elements

From basic buttons and input fields to more complex modules, a high-quality wireframe kit provides a broad spectrum of elements. 

Intuitive layout

The structure of the wireframe kit should be logical and easy to navigate. Designers should be able to quickly locate and utilize components without sifting through a complex maze of choices.

Up-to-date trends

The digital design world is ever-changing. A good wireframe kit keeps up with current design trends and principles to ensure the final product looks modern and user-friendly.

Keeping it simple

One important aspect that sets standout wireframe kits apart is its simplicity. Essentially, a good wireframe should solve the Information Architecture and overall user flow.

While it might be tempting to make them intricate, this could be counterproductive. 

Overdesigning can confuse stakeholders. This can divert feedback towards design details instead of layout and flow. 

Our Top 12 Figma Wireframe Kits for 2024

1. Outline: Figma’s ultimate wireframe kit

Snapshot of Designership's Outline Wireframe Library.
  • Price: $60 for Individual, $120 for Team (up to 5 members)

What is it: Outline is like a simpler, focused version of Shipfaster UI. This user-friendly wireframe UI kit cuts down on overwhelming choices, giving you just the right styles for wireframing.

Why we love it: Access 350+ component variants, 90+ marketing templates, and foundational global styles. Users also get the bonus of integrating over 1,135 icons from Unicons and 20 social icons.

While it’s packed with features, what makes it stand out is its speed. Adjusting designs is super easy, thanks to AutoLayout 3.0. You can mark up your designs, add notes, and keep track of important points without a hassle. Plus, there's a bonus Annotations library that helps organize your designs.

Outline also celebrates diversity in design proficiency. For the novice, it’s an introduction to the design universe. Freelancers can use it to improve their project proposals, while senior designers can utilize for faster work.

Bottomline: Whether you're just starting with design, freelancing, or have years of experience, Outline has something for everyone. It's all about making design simpler and faster.

Discover the extensive capabilities of Outline, Figma's Ultimate Wireframe Kit, so you can enhance your design process and create world-class designs faster.

2. Platforma

Snapshot of Platforma 2's Website Wireframe Kit for Figma.
  • Price: $58 (Web Or Mobile Flowcharts), $68 (Web or iOS Wireframes), and $159 (Four wireframe products)

What is it: Platforma 2 is an upgraded version that primarily focuses on website design. It comes with Instances for components and incorporates Repeat Grids.

Why we love it: 173 full-width layout elements in 12 categories and 536 design elements. It also offers versions for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile platforms.

Bottomline: It offers a comprehensive feature set, a unified design approach, and platform versatility.

3. Wireframy 3.4

Snapshot of Wireframy 3.4's UI Wireframe Kit.
  • Price: $69

What is it: Wireframe, a product of Sydney-based team Raw.Studio Wireframy, has been updated to accommodate Figma's Auto-layout 4.0 system. This update brings modifications such as adaptable components and patterns for various devices, consistent semantic colors across all pages, and revised type styles.

Why we love it: Over 790 reusable wireframe components, 305 website layouts, and 1,700+ custom icons.

Bottomline: Wireframy provides a comprehensive toolkit with flexible design features.

4. Minimalist Wireframe Kit

Snapshot of the Minimalist Wireframe Kit.
  • Price: $16.5/month on Envato.

What is it: The Minimalist Wireframe Kit offers a straightforward approach to wireframing. It’s designed with a clear organizational structure, making it easy to use and find elements efficiently.

Why we love it: Features 32 ready-to-use elements and compatibility with Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma. Typography is standardized using the free Roboto font. The Bootstrap grid system is also incorporated.

Bottomline: The wireframe UI kit is designed to replicate the traditional pen-to-paper approach, making it ideal for straightforward designs and fast-paced projects.

5. Containers Web Wireframe Kit

Snapshot of Containers Web Wireframe Kit.
  • Price: $16.5/month on Envato.

What is it: The Containers Web Wireframe Kit offers a straightforward approach to wireframing. It’s also compatible with widely-used design tools such as Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD.

What we love: A collection of over 250+ blocks across 15 categories and 2,000+ combinations. It includes both light and dark themes, vector elements built on the bootstrap grid, five mockups in three styles, and two landing page templates.

Bottomline: It's designed for customization and ease of use.

6. High Fidelity

Snapshot of the High Fidelity Wireframe UI/UI Kit.
  • Price: $16.5/month on Envato.

What is it: The High Fidelity Wireframe UI/UI Kit iOS Android App is designed specifically for iOS and Android apps, including specifications for the iPhone X. It's also compatible with popular design tools like Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD, and Figma.

What we love: This kit provides designs in 7 categories. It's also equipped with scalable graphics and includes free fonts.

Bottomline: This kit offers a streamlined start for developing and prototyping mobile apps.

7. SeaWire 1.1

Snapshot of SeaWire's UI Wireframe Kit.
  • Price: $16.5/month on Envato.

What is it: SeaWire is a design kit made for Figma that uses Google Fonts. Its latest update, version 1.1, has added four new categories: About Us, Timeline, Comments, and How it Works.

What we love: Offers 200 layout in 15 categories, 50 new design patterns, and six landing pages. Aside from that, designers have access to over 50 new design patterns. With the help of an 8-pixel soft grid, all these elements are well-organized in the kit.

Bottomline: SeaWire provides designers with tools to efficiently utilize Google Fonts, adjust colors, and manage text styles.

8. DarkDot

Snapshot of DarkDot's Wireframe UI Kit.
  • Price: $16.5/month on Envato.

What is it: DarkDot provides dark theme layouts suitable for different categories and is compatible with tools like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD.

What we love: Comes with 170+ layouts, over 100 Sketch symbols, and utilizes a 12-column Bootstrap grid. Additionally, it offers scalable vectors and free fonts.

Bottomline: DarkDot is tailored for designers who work exclusively in dark mode, as there's no light-mode option available.

9. SAAS App Landing Page Website Wireframe Figma

Snapshot of the SAAS App Landing Page Website Wireframe UI Kit.
  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads at $16.50/m

What it is: The SAAS App Landing Page Website Wireframe is a template that features consistent font and color settings. It primarily uses the "Inter" font.

What we love: The design is entirely vector-based. It also provides JPG and PNG files, as well as a comprehensive PDF guide.

Bottomline: It’s suitable for those working in SaaS and FinTech projects.

10. Wireframe Digital Agency Landing Page

Snapshot of the Wireframe Digital Agency Landing Page.
  • Price: $16.5/month on Envato.

What is it: The Wireframe Digital Agency Landing Page from UIGO Designs is a singular design focused on invoices and payments. It uses one font throughout and does not include images or illustrations.

What we love: The design components are layered and systematically arranged. It also offers a single adaptable layout.

Bottomline: This wireframe UI kit is ideal for creating quick layouts due to its straightforward design.

11. Merge Wireframing UI Kit

Snapshot of the Merge Wireframing UI Kit.
  • Price: $16.5/month on Envato.

What is it: Created by 80.Design, the Merge Wireframing UI Kit is made for those looking for a less complex option for low-fidelity wireframing. It is also compatible with Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, and Illustrator. 

What we love: Comes with more than 185 wireframing elements and components, a set of 222 BeBold Essentials UI icons, and 36 pre-designed examples to help kickstart any project. 

Bottomline: This focus on simplicity ensures that users avoid getting caught up in unnecessary details and styles too soon. It offers an uncomplicated approach with its ready-made wireframing elements.

12. Concrete Wireframe Kit

Snapshot of the Concrete Wireframe Kit.
  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads at $16.50/month

What is it: The Concrete Wireframe Kit has a simple design that facilitates easy component additions and text modifications. It’s also compatible with Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma.

What we love: It utilzes 90 ready-to-use screens across ten categories and one free font (Poppins).

Bottomline: This kit is optimal for corporate landing pages, websites, and projects.

Choosing Wisely: The Wireframe UI Kit That Defines Your Project

Wireframe UI kits are essential to transform and streamline the design process. Wireframing helps you achieve your design goals, such as gaining user and client approval on the layout of key pages and the general user flow of a digital experience. It also saves time and money during the testing phases.

It's clear that wireframe UI kits are becoming more popular in Figma with good reason. There are plenty of different options to choose from that can match different design styles and preferences.

From the extensive component library of Outline to the more minimalist approach of the Concrete Wireframe Kit, designers can choose from a wealth of resources to streamline their design process.

Selecting the right wireframe kit can make a difference in your projects. That’s why it’s so essential for a UI designer to improve and practice critical skills like wireframing to become a better, more efficient designer.

If you’re keen on learning how to manage and build wireframes, The Ultimate Figma Masterclass Course, a renowned Figma course, is a perfect starting point.

This comprehensive, end-to-end course not only introduces you to the fundamentals of wireframing, but also equips you with efficient workflow methods. Gain insights into managing your projects seamlessly and learn expert techniques for consolidating all your wireframes in one space.

We’d also appreciate hearing about your favorite wireframe kits in the comments below. If you found this list helpful, share this article with fellow designers who could find it valuable. Happy designing!

Michael Wong
Founder of Designership & z0 Studio

Mizko, also known as Michael Wong, brings a 14-year track record as a Founder, Educator, Investor, and Designer. His career evolved from lead designer to freelancer, and ultimately to the owner of a successful agency, generating over $10M in revenue from Product (UX/UI) Design, Web Design, and No-code Development. His leadership at the agency contributed to the strategy and design for over 50 high-growth startups, aiding them in raising a combined total of over $400M+ in venture capital.

Notable projects include: Autotrader (Acquired. by eBay), PhoneWagon (Acquired by CallRails), Spaceship ($1B in managed funds), Archistar ($15M+ raised) and many more.

You can learn more about me on:
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