15 Best Figma Wireframe Kits (2023 Edition)

Perrie K
Perrie K
May 18, 2022
5 min read
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They say that if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

In UI design, wireframes are how you plan to execute a design and help to stop issues before they snowball. Without a proper wireframe, you are potentially setting up your design to fail. 

Wireframes are a crucial step in UI design. They should always be used at the beginning of any project to get user and client approval on the layout of key pages and the general user flow of a digital experience. 

Wireframes will save you considerable time and money in the testing and amending phase and help you become a better designer by allowing time to visualize and amend a design early on. 

When you design at a structural level, it allows you to create a visual guide that will represent the bones of your website, app, or digital product. It needs to be simple enough for all relevant team members, stakeholders, and clients to understand and visualize the concept. 

Still unsure what a wireframe is, how to use them and why every designer needs wireframing in their tool belt? We’ve got you covered: Everything you need to know about Wireframes.

To help supercharge your workflow and become a better and faster designer, here are the Designership’s best Figma wireframe kits for 2022. 

Outline: Figma’s ultimate wireframe kit

Outline: Figma's ultimate wireframe kit
  • Individual: $60
  • Team: $120

Outline is a multi-purpose wireframe kit designed for designers, by designers, to help streamline your Figma designs. To help you wireframe more efficiently, we have removed unnecessary colors and typography scales, so you can make decisions faster without having to sweat the small stuff.

Established by the team behind Shipfaster UI: the leading Figma UI Kit and design system with over 2,000 designers worldwide, Outline has been intentionally designed to stay as a low to mid-fi wireframe kit. To help you design better, we have removed unnecessary colors and typography scales so you can make decisions faster and in a more streamlined way. 

This wireframe kit has a huge component library, so you can instantly drag and drop to build out more complex UI design wireframes. You’ll access more than 350 component variants, over 90 pre-built marketing templates, and foundational global styles. To help keep your designs polished and consistent, you’ll also get more than 1,135 icons from Unicons and 20 social icons.

The power in this wireframe kit comes from its convenience. Thanks to AutoLayout 3.0, you can easily resize any component or template. You can also say goodbye to designing common pages from scratch as it has been specifically optimized for speed. 

Working with Figma is all about collaboration and annotations across teams, so this kit also comes with access to our premium Annotations Library for free (check out a live preview here). 

Organize user flows with status-activated headers, drop responsive notes and annotations in any design file, and easily mark and change the status of any frame or element easily. More annotations and fewer miscommunications make teamwork and design that much better. 

Find out more about Outline: Figma’s ultimate wireframe kit and start designing better, faster.


  • Collection of Four Wireframe Flowcharts: $159 

A creation from the Design Files team, Platforma offers wireframe flowcharts for those looking to build a quick web prototype website. Along with Figma, the design team has also launched kits for those still working with Adobe XD and Sketch.
Platforma offers a collection of four wireframe kits, which can be purchased individually or as a set. Their well-crafted collection for Figma features full-width layouts and access to a basic component library.


  • $69

Wireframy, a product of Sydney-based team Raw.Studio, has recently undergone a total revamp, including a complete up of all components with updated Figma Auto-Layout and refreshed color styles. 

The 3.0 Figma-specific version of Wireframy features around 2,300 reusable wireframe components, over 170 website layouts, and 1,500+ custom and vector icons from Streamline icons. It also offers complete integration with new Figma Variants features and bonus mobile layouts and components. 

In 2022, The Raw.Studio team announced that they would be removing future maintenance of Sketch and Adobe XD Wireframy versions. Their decision has led them to shift to a Figma-only focus following feedback that they had attempted to spread their products too thin, much like Platforma users have been facing. 

Method (Blue)

  • Free Demo
  • Design: $48
  • Code + Design: $68

Method is a favorite for those who prefer a code option or backend developers. This wireframe kit includes fully responsive templates, mobile layouts, and a neat 120 ready-to-use blocks in 11 popular categories. 

The kit offers over 580 Method blocks that have an optional programming code. To use, you need to substitute your data in the code, choose the style you like, and have a ready-to-work landing page. Although for those not familiar with coding or overly complex tools, it can be difficult to navigate and impact usability.

Minimalist Wireframe Kit

  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads $16.50/m

Available on Envato, Minimalist Wireframe Kit is a small but powerful kit that features 32 ready-to-use elements, organized layers, and compatibility with Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma. 

This wireframe kit is perfect for those who prefer to wireframe the old-school way—pen to paper. Specifically created to mimic paper, this minimalistic wireframe kit is best suited for simple designs and speedy projects.  

Containers Web Wireframe Kit 

  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads $16.50/m

The Containers Web Wireframe Kit is a design system consisting of nesting symbols and styles. All the blocks are symbol-based, modular, and carefully organized, featuring a collection of 250+ blocks across 15 categories with 2000+ combinations. 

The Containers Web Wireframe Kit is also available directly from the developers for $38, although many prefer to go through Envato as you get access to the entire library. 

High Fidelity

  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads $16.50/m

The High Fidelity Wireframe UI/UI Kit iOS Android App is perfect for those working exclusively mobile. 

Packed with wireframes designed explicitly for mobile screens, the recent update has made it iPhone X Ready with scalable vectors and free fonts. Some users are experiencing issues with recent iOS updates; however, these compatibility issues should be cleared in the next update.  

​Paper Wireframe Kit

  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads $16.50/m

Another excellent option for those looking for a low-fidelity wireframe kit the Paper Wireframe kit is for you. Paper Wireframe Kit is a simple set for creating wireframes for your project with simple components and the ability to place text like sketching on paper.

This wireframe kit has free fonts (Roboto + Font Awesome) and well-organized layers. As well as through Envato, this kit is available for free through Figma Community, where the developers are incredibly active in answering queries. 

SeaWire—Figma Wireframe Kit for Website

  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads $16.50/m

SeaWire has been created exclusively for Figma using Google Fonts. With six pre-made landing pages and 200 premade layouts from the 15 most popular categories, this wireframe kit is excellent for those working on web design projects. 


  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads $16.50/m

Available on Envato, DarkDot offers 170+ ready-to-use layouts, scalable vectors, and free fonts and comes with Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD compatibility. 

This wireframe kit is perfect for those designers who prefer to work in dark mode (there is no light-mode option), but it should be noted that it doesn’t use Autolayout, which can make things messy.

SAAS App Landing Page Website Wireframe Figma

  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads $16.50/m

Designed for those working with SaaS clients, the SAAS App Landing Page Website Wireframe Figma Template is a modern collection with easy-to-change styles and a global setting font and color. Available on Envato, this portrait-oriented wireframe kit has become a favorite for designers working on SaaS and FinTech projects. 

Wireframe Digital Agency Landing Page

  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads $16.50/m

The Wireframe Digital Agency Landing Page is exactly as the name suggests: a single page, single font landing page design for minimalist and trendy Landing Pages, Invoices, and Payments pages. 

Created by UIGO Designs, this kit is perfect for rapid use owing to its simple purpose. However, it should be noted that images, illustrations, and other features are not included. Additionally, the team does not use Autolayout (Figma feature) in their kits which is a significant drawback.

Merge Wireframing UI Kit

  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads $16.50/m

Created by 80.Design, the Merge Wireframing UI Kit has been crafted for those looking for a simplified, less complex option for low-fidelity wireframing. 

This kit is handy for designers who may become overly invested in unnecessary or minor details and styles too early in the process. The design team says they have deliberately limited color palettes and fonts and introduced super-simple pre-designed wireframing elements “such as like buttons and input boxes for Creators.”

This kit is compatible with Sketch, Figma, XD, and Illustrator. This kit includes a tidy 185 Wireframing elements and components, 36 pre-designed examples, and 222 BeBold Essentials UI icons. 

Hoky Mobile Wireframe Kit

  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads $16.50/m

Hoky Mobile was created by the Capi Creative Design team, who have become incredibly popular on Dribbble for their mobile products. This iOS-specific kit is compatible with Sketch and Figma only.

This kit features 80 screens divided into eight popular content categories that are said to be “made with care for iOS guidelines”. The User Profile, Shopping Cart, Maps, and a well-crafted Log in & Sign up screens are noted for their simplicity and usability. 

Concrete Wireframe Kit 

  • Envato Pricing: Unlimited downloads $16.50/m

Another brilliantly minimalistic wireframe kit, the Concrete Wireframe kit comes with 90 ready-to-use screens spread across ten categories, free font (Poppins), well-organized layers, and full Photoshop, Sketch, and Figma compatibility. 

As this kit is more minimalist with less creative flair, it’s best suited for corporate landing pages, websites, and other projects requiring a more minimalistic and professional finish. 

How to UI design like a pro using wireframes

It goes without saying that wireframing is an essential tool for UI design. Wireframing helps you achieve what you want to with a design—get user and client approval on the layout of key pages and the general user flow of a digital experience, and save time and money in the testing phases. 

That’s why it’s so important as a UI designer to improve and practice critical skills like wireframing to become a better, more efficient designer. You can also enhance your skills with a course such as the Ultimate Figma Masterclass or immerse yourself in the Figma community and Designership YouTube community. 

Check out our blog if you want to learn more about UI design and the best way to learn UI design.