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7 Best Figma Courses (Updated 2024)

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October 6, 2023

Ever noticed how everyone’s talking about Figma these days? With a user base of over 4 million worldwide, it has established itself as a prominent player in the UX/UI design world.

As we move into 2024, there’s much more to learn about this ever-changing design platform. That’s where Figma courses can help, so you can master the tool and work more efficiently. 

Why Choosing the Right Figma Course Matters

Picking the right Figma course allows you to learn the right skills clearly and consistently. You’ll be able to:

  • Stay Updated: The digital design world evolves rapidly. The best Figma courses keep you updated with current trends and techniques.
  • Boost Your Skills: Not all courses are made equal. The best ones teach you the skills you’ll use so your designs stand out.
  • Get Ahead: In a competitive world, top-notch design skills can be the difference between good and best. You need the best training available to stay ahead in your design career.
  • Gain Confidence: Knowing you’ve learned from the best lets you approach projects head-on and showcase your expertise.

In some courses, you can even earn a Figma certification. This certification proves your skill in using this potent design tool and is respected by industry experts and employers.

It boosts your qualifications, highlighting your expertise in design and improving your career opportunities.

But with so many courses popping up, which ones are worth your time?

To help ease your search for a Figma course that fits your needs, here's a rundown of the best Figma courses.

Best Figma Courses in 2024

1. The Ultimate Figma Masterclass Course

Figma interface with prototyping and collaboration tools
A look at Figma's user interface showing the seamless integration of prototyping, auto-layout features, and collaborative design tools.

With over 6,000+ students mastering essential skills to set them up for success, there’s no doubt that The Ultimate Figma Masterclass Course is one of the most effective courses on the market. 

This comprehensive, eight-module Figma course has everything you need to master Figma end-to-end. In 10 hours, you’ll learn all the essentials to maximize Figma’s features and confidently approach every design project.

Michael 'Mizko' Wong from Figma Masterclass
Screenshot from The Ultimate Figma Masterclass Course featuring Michael 'Mizko' Wong, a renowned digital design instructor.

The instructor, Michael Wong (more popularly known as Mizko), has charted an inspiring journey from a designer to an agency owner and now stands tall as the founder and leading educator at Designership.

Drawing from his extensive professional experience, he shares the techniques that catapulted his design agency to multi-million dollar fame. Mizko’s expertise includes collaborating with over 50 companies and impacting millions globally.

Here’s what you’ll learn in The Ultimate Figma Masterclass Course:

  • Project management: Learn the right workspace setups, file organization, and proper handover processes. 
  • Design system mastery: Get ahead by mastering both the fundamentals and the latest capabilities. 
  • A holistic design process: Go beyond the basics and get access to custom components and robust design systems.
  • Real-life design scenarios: Face practical challenges that push you out of your comfort zone. This will help you find innovative solutions to real-world design problems.
  • Personalized learning: Enjoy the flexibility to start anytime and progress at your own pace.
Key learning modules from The Ultimate Figma Masterclass Course.

For a one-time payment, this Figma course gives you lifetime access to:

  • Over 10 hours of action-packed video content.
  • 90+ HD videos.
  • Comprehensive UI design principles & blueprints.
  • Construct a design system from the ground up.
  • Advanced responsive UI strategies.
  • Design documentation for seamless handovers.
  • File and project management techniques.
  • Prototype brilliance and captivating animations.
  • An actual client project blueprint.
  • Ready-to-use handover & project starter templates.

Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, the masterclass was with a wide range of professionals in mind — including those without a design background.

Beginners will master Figma’s features, and designers of all levels will refine their skills and stay updated with the latest trends. Product managers gain insights into design processes, while career shifters can quickly learn competitive Figma practices.

Certificate from The Ultimate Figma Masterclass Course

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll get a Figma certification from Designership. This certification validates your expertise and gives you an industry competitive advantage.

The best proof of a course’s effectiveness? Its students. Here’s the feedback from those who’ve experienced it firsthand:

“This course has really helped me to learn and understand how to use and navigate around Figma. In hindsight, not only do I feel more confident about my Figma skills, this course also helped me inch closer to being [an] amazing designer” - Jae Yi

“This course was so fun to take. Michael explains everything well, and I feel confident using his tips and tricks for my upcoming freelance project in Figma. If anyone wants to become a stronger UI designer or master Figma and its advanced toolkit, I highly recommend this course. It was worth every penny. I am so excited to start utilizing everything I learned! 😍” - Amanda A

“The course exceeded all my expectations by providing a real improvement in my web portfolio. The knowledge and techniques taught were exceptionally relevant, allowing me to improve my work significantly. I now feel more confident in my ability to create impactful and professional web designs. I deeply thank the course team for the quality of the content offered and for contributing to the development of my career. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to level up their portfolios and boost their skills in the digital world.” - Adriana C

Price: $300. Discounts for teams over 10 are available.

2. Figma course on Coursera

Figma course on Coursera
Figma Course available on Coursera

The Create High-Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma course is part of the Google UX Design Professional Certificate, and takes approximately 39 hours to complete.

What you’ll learn: How to create mockups and high-fidelity prototypes, apply common visual design elements and principles, and recognize the role of design critique sessions and feedback in iterative design.

In the last lesson of the course, you’ll create your own case study and portfolio website, which is then peer-reviewed.

Price: $53 per month.

3. Figma course on Skillshare

Figma course on Skillshare
Screenshot of Figma UI UX Design Essentials on Skillshare

A course you can look into on Skillshare is Figma UI UX Design Essentials, run by Adobe-certified designer Daniel Scott. The course has 111 lessons and almost 12 hours of content tailored for beginners to the Figma and UI design game.

What you’ll learn: Find out what it means to be a designer, the definitions of UX and UI, and what each role entails. Students create simple wireframes, implement colors and images, and work with components, constraints, and multi-dimensional variants.

Price: $17.99 per month ($215.88 billed annually).

4. Figma course on Udemy

Learn Figma on Udemy
Screenshot of Learn Figma on Udemy.

The Learn Figma – UI/UX Design Essential Training course on Udemy is taught by Caleb Kingston, the CEO and founder of Brainspin. With close to 47 lectures, this course suits beginner or experienced designers who want to switch from other tools like Sketch or Adobe XD.

What you’ll learn: Explore the Figma interface, discover how to design systems to organize, learn shortcuts to help streamline your design process, and set up new projects.

The course involves designing and prototyping a “Chef’s Recipes” App, including creating multiple artboards, custom icon designs, and editing images and text.

Price: $124.99.

5. Figma Academy

Figma Academy design course
Screenshot of Figma Academy

Figma Academy (not affiliated with Figma) is ideal for designers with an existing understanding of Figma. At the end of each lesson, you’ll complete a series of exercises to test your knowledge.

What you’ll learn: This course teaches advanced Figma methods and tactics using hands-on lessons. Each module of the Figma Academy course comes with a corresponding Figma file and matching individual lessons.

Price: $899 for a 3-week training program and $499 for video lessons.

6. Learning Figma

Figma course cover on Learning Figma
Figma course on Learning Figma

Learning Figma is a 10-lesson online course run by product designer Georgia Davis. She’ll take students through her design process from starting with an idea all the way to designing an interactive design prototype.

What you’ll learn: Basic tools to use when designing, feedback and engineer handoff, moodboarding, and brainstorming, among other topics.

Price: $49.

7. Figmaster

Figma course Figmaster screenshot
Figma course on Figmaster.

Figmaster is not technically a course in the traditional sense but a paid plugin for Figma that operates as a workbook. Created by product designer Mateusz Wierzbick, this educational plugin has exercises that guide you through building a design system.

What you’ll learn: How to set all the required design tokens, including defining proper grids, layouts, spacing, managing icons, and typographic scales.

Price: $99.

Figma Crash Course Vs. Comprehensive Learning

A Figma crash course is like a sprint — it provides a quick introduction, covering the basics and essentials, perfect for those needing immediate skills or a refresher.

On the other hand, a comprehensive Figma learning course is more like a marathon, diving deeper into the tool and offering a thorough understanding of its features and applications.

Opt for a crash course if you’re in a hurry or just need the basics. But if you aim to have a holistic understanding or plan a long-term career in design, a comprehensive course is the way to go.

The Benefits of Continuous Figma Learning

The design landscape shifts, and tools like Figma evolve, making continuous learning beneficial and essential to stay on top.

Continuous Figma learning is not just about keeping up — it’s about staying ahead. Figma frequently updates its platform, introducing new features, tools, and improvements. 

Committing to ongoing learning ensures you continuously leverage the latest capabilities, keeping your designs fresh and relevant.

Stay Ahead in Your Design Journey With Designership’s Figma Course

The importance of choosing the right Figma course cannot be understated. As the Figma landscape shifts and grows, so should your knowledge.

Designership’s Figma course stands out as a top pick for those serious about leveling up their skills. With 6,000+ students and counting who can vouch for its effectiveness, you can learn all the essentials in just 10 hours, tailored to your own pace.

But it’s more than just theory. The course has real-life exercises and a hands-on approach that places you in the designer’s seat. Aside from learning practical skills, you’ll also get curated tools and resources that supercharge your workflow.

By the end, you can conquer any design project confidently. Let this course be your springboard to design greatness!

Michael Wong
Founder of Designership & z0 Studio

Mizko, also known as Michael Wong, brings a 14-year track record as a Founder, Educator, Investor, and Designer. His career evolved from lead designer to freelancer, and ultimately to the owner of a successful agency, generating over $10M in revenue from Product (UX/UI) Design, Web Design, and No-code Development. His leadership at the agency contributed to the strategy and design for over 50 high-growth startups, aiding them in raising a combined total of over $400M+ in venture capital.

Notable projects include: Autotrader (Acquired. by eBay), PhoneWagon (Acquired by CallRails), Spaceship ($1B in managed funds), Archistar ($15M+ raised) and many more.

You can learn more about me on:
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