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Unlock the full potential of Figma with our ultimate guide. Dive into the world of UI design and discover how Figma's powerful tools can transform your design process.
Dec 15, 2023
7 min read
Explore the top 7 online design tutorials for Figma in 2024. Dive into courses industry experts teach to master the latest features, tools, and best practices in Figma design.
Oct 6, 2023
10 min read
Understand the use of Grid Systems in Figma and learn how to build your own responsive layout grid using the best practices in UI design.
Jul 28, 2023
8 min read
A comprehensive UX/UI guide to Figma for beginners. Learn the end-to-end process of designing today.
Jun 16, 2023
7 min read

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Can I learn Figma on my own?

Absolutely! Figma offers different tutorials and resources to help you get started. You can explore its features quickly, experiment with different projects, and check on online communities to get feedback and support. Another alternative is to invest in a course like The Ultimate Figma Masterclass for a more holistic and structured approach.

What is the best way to learn Figma?

The best way to learn Figma is through a combination of hands-on practice and structured learning. Start by exploring Figma's own tutorials and documentation or on other websites like Youtube for free tutorials. Next, consider enrolling in a comprehensive and self-paced course, like The Ultimate Figma Masterclass, that covers Figma's features in depth. Working on real-world projects can also help you gain practical experience.

Is Figma training worth it?

Yes, Figma training is definitely worth it. Learning to use Figma efficiently can speed up your design workflow, increase productivity, open up new opportunities, and get paid more. Training also helps maximize Figma's features and make you a more effective designer.

How much does Figma training cost?

Figma training costs vary depending on the course provider, depth of content, and duration. You can find free resources online on Youtube (Mizko's channel is a great resource of free Figma tutorials). Or, invest in a paid course like The Ultimate Figma Masterclass Course for more in-depth and comprehensive approach in mastering the design tool.

Can I learn Figma in 2 days?

While it's possible to learn the basics of Figma in 2 days, becoming proficient in it requires continued learning and real-world experience. A self-paced course like The Ultimate Figma Masterclass Course can help you master Figma end-to-end with industry-leading tactics, maximize its features, and apply it in your design projects.

What industries can benefit from Figma designers?

There are plenty industries that can benefit from Figma designers. Tech, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and media sectors all rely heavily on digital interfaces and user-friendly experiences. This creates the demand for Figma designers who can create these valuable assets.

How can I build a portfolio that will showcase my Figma skills?

To build a portfolio that highlights your Figma skills, start by creating various projects that showcase a range of design skills. This can include everything from basic wireframes to complete UI designs. Share these projects on platforms like Behance or Dribbble to attract potential employers and clients. Consider including case studies to walk viewers through your design process that highlight how you approach projects and solve problems from start to finish with the help of our free UX Case Study Presentation template.

Can Figma help with both UI and UX design?

Yes, Figma can support both UI and UX design processes. UI design focuses on a product screen or web page's interactivity, look, and feel. UX design covers information architecture, wireframes and prototypes, testing and troubleshooting, and ongoing updates. Figma's design tools, such as templates, styles, and components, support both fields to help designers create seamless user experiences.

How can I find design jobs or freelance gigs using Figma skills?

Figma's growing influence has made it a valuable skill to have in the design industry. You can explore job boards, design communities, and freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to find roles and projects that require Figma skills.

How can Figma help streamline my design workflow?

Figma is a cloud-based platform that enables real-time collaboration and allows teams to work together more effectively. This means designers, developers, and other stakeholders can contribute simultaneously. As a result, this cuts down on delays and miscommunication. The design tool also offers reusable components, styles, and templates to maintain consistency across projects while reducing repetitive tasks. This helps designers speed up the design process. Figma's intuitive interface and easy integration with other tools also help streamline design workflows. Designers using Figma can focus more on creativity and collaboration than technical hurdles.

What skills do I need aside from Figma to be a successful UI designer?

To be a successful UI designer, you need more than just technical skills in Figma. A solid grasp of design principles, color theory, typography, and information architecture is essential. The ability to also conduct UX research, analyze and present your findings and insights will help you stand out in the competitive UX/UI design industry.

What is the salary of a Figma designer?

The salary of a Figma designer varies based on experience, location, and the company. Entry-level designers may earn around $50,000 to $70,000 per year, while experienced designers can make upwards of $100,000 annually, particularly in tech hubs. According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay range for a design role at Figma is between $84,000 and $140,000 per year, including base salary and additional pay. The average base salary is $108,000 per year.

Are Figma designers in demand?

Yes, Figma designers are in demand. Because Figma's popularity as a design tool has grown significantly in the past couple of years, it's a valuable skill for designers. Companies across different industries seek designers with Figma skills nowadays, so it's important to learn it in a hands-on and practical way.

Is Figma enough to be a UI designer?

Figma is a powerful tool for any UI designer, thanks to its comprehensive features that make designing and prototyping process easier. While Figma provides the essential tools, being a successful UI designer requires more than just knowing how to use it. You need to understand design principles, user psychology, and how to create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that solve real-world problems. Learning Figma can be a great foundation, but gaining experience and continually learning are important to thriving as a UI designer.

Can I sell my Figma designs?

Yes, you can sell your Figma designs. Many designers offer their templates and designs on platforms like Gumroad or Etsy or sell directly to clients. It's possible to utilize your Figma skills as a source of income!

Are there any resources available to help beginners get started with Figma?

Yes, Designership has a free Figma tutorial designed especially for beginners. This tutorial will guide you through the basics of the Figma design tool and teach you how to create impressive designs. If you're looking for a more advanced Figma course, check out our Ultimate Figma Masterclass course. This course has helped over 6,000 designers land jobs, increase their rates, get more freelance clients.

Is Figma suitable for complete design beginners?

Absolutely! Figma is a fantastic tool for anyone new to the design world. Its intuitive interface is designed to help beginners feel at ease while learning the ropes of UI/UX design. If you're starting out or want to improve your Figma skills, try our Ultimate Figma Masterclass. This course is tailored to train beginners to become proficient users by guiding them through every feature and function that Figma offers. You’ll learn how to create and prototype designs effectively, manage and collaborate on projects, and even get tips on maximizing Figma’s features with industry standards and best practices. By the end of the course, you'll be well-equipped to tackle any design project with confidence!

How will Designership’s courses help improve my UX/UI design skills?

Designership courses teach you practical and useful skills you can immediately use in your design work. We know how frustrating it can be to go through theoretical content that doesn’t translate well to real-world scenarios, which is exactly why our courses are different. At Designership, we’re all about bringing learning to life through actual application. We've handpicked seasoned industry experts to create these courses based on their rich expertise, so you know you're learning straight from the top professionals. Our courses cover everything from the basics to the advanced intricacies of UX/UI design, plus the step-by-step process of a design workflow. Join thousands of other students and start making real changes to the way you design!

What courses and products does Designership offer?

Our courses help you master the essential techniques and methods to succeed in the UX/UI design industry. They're structured so you can practice and apply what you have learned in real-life projects. Master Figma end-to-end with one of our bestselling courses, The Ultimate Figma Masterclass. Build a design system from scratch, learn advanced responsive UI design tactics, and document designs for hand-over. Learn how to solve real user problems with data-backed solutions in your product designs with Practical UX Research & Strategy course. Our products, on the other hand, help fast-track your design workflow. Speed up your wireframing process with Outline, our Figma Wireframe Kit. Build smart, responsive designs faster with Shipfaster UI: Figma UI Kit & Design System. With Designership, work smarter and accomplish tasks more efficiently. Our team is hard at work creating exciting new projects for you. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Where can I find reviews on Designership?

You can find them on our Success Stories page or at the bottom of each course and product page. We're proud to share that many of our students have landed new jobs and increased their rates after completing our courses. Don't just take our word for it — see for yourself how Designership can help you get ahead in your professional journey! Whether you’re looking to transition to design or want to sharpen your existing design skills, our courses and resources are here to help you.

How can I learn Figma?

There are plenty of courses, videos, and resources available online to help you learn Figma. However, if you're looking to quickly master it and apply your skills in the real world, our Ultimate Figma Masterclass is the perfect choice. This top-rated course is designed to integrate seamlessly into a designer's actual workflow. It only takes 10+ hours to complete in your own time! It starts with the basics and progresses to more advanced components and prototyping. You'll learn through a structured approach that reflects a real project. This method allows you to learn theory and apply your new skills in practical settings.

What is Designership?

Designership is an education platform dedicated to helping designers of all levels excel in UX/UI design through real-world applications since 2021. From beginners to career changers and those looking to advance, our online practical UX/UI design courses and resources are here to help students succeed. So far, we've helped 12,000+ students worldwide get ahead in their careers. Check out our success stories and testimonials and get inspired!

Do I need to have a Figma account before starting the course?

Yes, you'll need a Figma account to participate in the course. We recommend signing up to get started.

Are the Figma courses and tutorials self-paced?

Yes, all courses and tutorials in Designership are self-paced. That means you can start, pause, and resume at your own pace. There's no pressure to join a class at any specific time.

How will completing the Figma course and receiving a certificate help my career?

Completing the Figma course and earning a certificate from Designers can benefit your career in several meaningful ways. A Figma certification also signals to potential employers and clients that you are proficient in one of the most important tools in the UX/UI industry today. Holding this certification can set you apart in a competitive job market. The Figma course goes beyond just showcasing your expertise. It equips you with hands-on, practical Figma skills that are not just theoretical, but crucial for today’s design challenges. You’ll learn the entire design process in a practical context—from setting up and managing a design system from scratch to preparing your designs for seamless handover to developers. This comprehensive understanding enables you to jump straight into real-world projects with the confidence and skills to handle complex design tasks effectively.

Does the course provide Figma certification upon completion?

Yes, students receive a recognized Figma certification from Designership after completing the course.

What is the Figma Masterclass Course?

The Figma Masterclass Course by Michael Wong or also known as Mizko covers the end-to-end process to managing an entire web design or UX/UI design project. The entire course is built upon a real-world project where you learn how to setup your project, build a design system, manage your components and eventually use Figma's most advanced features to build a truly responsive website. At the end you also learn how to build complex Figma prototypes. There will be 2 new modules launching in mid-2024 which involves Figma Variables and Conditional Statements.

Who is the Figma Masterclass for?

This course is designed to cater to a diverse range of individuals who are not just interested in learning the advanced features and methods in Figma, but also learn a real-world process on how Figma fits into a designer's workflow. This course teaches you all the features, in a structured and cohesive way that considers what happens in a real project, starting with opening Figma for the first time all the way to handing your designs over to developers.

What is Figma, and why should I learn it?

Figma is a cloud-based design tool that allows multiple users to collaborate in real-time. It combines interface design tools, vector graphics editing, and prototyping capabilities into one, making it a go-to choice for UX/UI designers. By learning how to use it, you'll be relevant and marketable in the industry. At Designership, you'll learn to use Figma through practical, real-world scenarios that mirror professional design challenges. This approach allows you to understand the functionalities of Figma and also apply them effectively in actual projects. Learn the exact process end-to-end in just 10+hours with our Ultimate Figma Masterclass.

Why Learn Figma?

Michael Wong
May 3, 2024

To succeed in the UX/UI design industry, it all starts with mastering the industry standard tools.

Figma’s growth has skyrocketed in less than five years, reaching an almost $10 billion valuation, a testament to its influence in the design industry today.

Before Figma, the design process was often disjointed and inefficient. Designers typically used different software tools for wireframing, prototyping, and design, making sharing and collaborating on projects challenging. Version control was also a headache, as designers had to manually manage different iterations of their designs.

Figma, a web-based real-time collaborative tool, removes the need for downloads. It allows designers to work on the same project simultaneously with their team members in any location. They can design and collaborate as long as they have an internet connection! This makes teamwork easier and saves a lot of back-and-forth.

Even if you’re new to design, there are plenty of resources to help you get started. Its community and open-source library of APIs and plugins serve. Many tutorials and courses are available outside of the Figma website.

Go from Beginner to Advanced in Figma within 10 hours

The Ultimate Figma Masterclass Thumbnail

Let's be clear, we've had over 7,000+ designers take the Ultimate Figma Masterclass course by Michael Wong (Mizko).

If you want to master Figma with all the industry-leading tactics in just 10+ hours and apply what you have learned in the real world, our Ultimate Figma Masterclass Course is perfect.

Learn to work with Figma from end to end:
  • Project management
  • Utilizing Figma's famous Auto Layout
  • Advanced component management
  • Figma variables
  • Figma conditional statements
  • Advanced Prototyping
  • Design to developer handover process
  • Design systems
  • and more

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to approach any design project from start to end confidently.

Unlike courses that dwell on theory alone, this Figma course emphasizes practical learning. You’ll work on an actual design project with the proper tools and techniques to make your work in Figma more efficient and effective.

At Designership, we’re here to support your journey in UX/UI design. In addition to our courses, we offer resources like Figma templates and kits to help improve your design workflow.

Who is this course for:
  • For Beginners and Junior Designers: If you're starting with Figma or aiming to enhance your skills, this course will significantly elevate your UX/UI design career by laying a solid foundation with a key tool in the industry.
  • For Senior Designers: Keep abreast of the latest Figma updates. This continually refreshed course will keep you informed of the best practices in the field.
  • For Product Managers: Deepen your understanding of your designers' workflows. This knowledge will enhance your collaboration and help expedite project completion.
  • For Career Transitioners: Smoothly transition into a UX/UI design career by mastering essential skills and best practices with one of the industry's most in-demand tools.
  • For Freelance Designers: Boost your earning potential and secure more gigs. This Figma course covers not only technical best practices but also guides you through the complete project lifecycle, from inception to completion.

Design world-class UI design with Shipfaster UI

Shipfaster UI: Figma's most powerful UI kit and design system

If you love turning ideas into designs quickly, you’ll enjoy using our Shipfaster UI: Figma UI Kit & Design System. It’s packed with all the tools you need to sketch out your ideas quickly and test them. Get that creative flow going so you can quickly produce the best version of your design.

How will it help me?
  • Accelerate Your Design Process: Create smart, responsive designs quickly with a seamless workflow, including easy access to icons, avatars, and more.
  • Design Efficiently at Scale: Reduce redundancy with a consistent and streamlined system.
  • Easily Customize Design Systems: Employ an innovative approach to construct components more effectively.
  • Stay Ahead with Best Practices: Benefit from comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and videos.
  • Streamline Designer Handoffs: Distribute well-documented, reusable components and patterns effortlessly.
Content Features:
  • 8,000+ Customizable Components: Construct intricate designs effortlessly with just a few clicks.
  • 2,800+ Media Resources: Dive into a vast array of icons, logos, device mockups, badges, and more to enhance your designs.
  • 150+ Global Styles: Utilize design styles ranging from text that aligns with a 4-point grid to diverse colors, gradients, and blurs.
  • 180+ Page Templates: Access professionally designed, ready-to-use pages that meet your specific requirements.
  • Snap Text Styles: Discover several text styles that easily adjust to a 4-point grid.
  • 3-Level Block Approach: Modify any design component swiftly with a few clicks.
  • Access Building Blocks: Design unique components using foundational blocks.
  • Auto Layout 4.0: Ensure components are compatible with auto layout features.
  • 4 and 8-Point Grid: Achieve meticulous detail in designs with precise grid alignment.
  • WCAG 2.1 Compliance: Design with accessibility standards in mind, ensuring inclusivity.

Build wireframes at the speed of thought with Outline Wireframe Kit

Outline wireframe library preview

Stay on top of testing ideas and prototypes with Outline: Figma’s Ultimate Wireframe Kit. This kit simplifies your design process with its efficient tools and styles. Get access to wireframing resources that help you quickly test ideas, design pixel-perfect layouts, and maintain a cohesive look.

How will it help me?
  • Accelerate Your Design Delivery: Quickly test every idea with all essential resources readily available, enabling you to deploy the best version of your design faster.
  • Achieve Pixel-Perfect Precision: Our wireframe kit aligns seamlessly with both 4 and 8-point grids for flawless designs.
  • Ensure Cohesive Visuals: Utilize an extensive range of typography, colors, and layout grids that maintain consistency across all designs.
  • Simplify File Organization: Easily locate any file or template with well-named layers and helpful tips in the notes.
  • Adaptive Resizing: Harness Figma’s top features, including AutoLayout 3.0, to ensure components and templates adjust effortlessly to your project needs.
  • Edit With Ease: Modify components or add new blocks swiftly with just a few clicks.
Content Features:
  • 740+ Component Library: Access essential tools like placeholder devices and image frames with ease.
  • Customizable Assets: Includes comprehensive global style guides, icons, and more.
  • Extensive Media Assets: Discover over 1,180 assets and icons conveniently located in one place.
  • Stackable Blocks: Customize your designs to fit various web pages effectively.
  • Responsive Pages: Enhance your workflow with the dynamic capabilities of Auto Layout 3.0.
  • Quick Customization: Effortlessly edit, update, and introduce new blocks with just a few clicks.
  • Accurate Status Updates: Quickly indicate the status of any frame or element.
  • Organized Comments: Easily annotate specific elements within your design.
  • Comprehensive Comment Summaries: Review all critical notes directly from your design’s workbench

Designership: Empowering designers for real-world success 

Designership is about giving you the best design tools, courses, knwoeldge, and support to become a better designer. Read helpful blog articles and tutorials that cover everything from relevant listicles to detailed how-tos on using Figma.

Our students’ achievements speak volumes about how Designership helped them achieve their north star in their careers. From newbies landing their first jobs to career changers successfully changing their paths, we’ve helped them learn the necessary skills to open up new paths and opportunities in the design world.

Learning Figma with Designership prepares you for success in the competitive UX/UI industry. Our hands-on courses were designed so that you’re not just learning theory but applying it to real-life situations and challenges.

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