Outline: Figma’s Ultimate Wireframe Kit

Design with speed. Test out fresh ideas and prototypes in a few clicks.
Michael Wong
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One-user only access
90+ page templates
60+ global styles
1,180+ media assets
740+ customisable components
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Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Lifetime access and update
Last Update:
March 2024

What you'll get

1,180+ icons & media
60+ global styles
90+ templates
740+ components
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Product overview

  • Wireframes help you catch issues in your designs before they snowball. For instance, if just one poorly made component is missed and ends up in the final product, it could cause big usability issues among users.
  • Stay on top of the testing ideas and prototypes with our Outline: Figma’s Ultimate Wireframe Kit. Not only does it simplify your process, it gives you just the right styles for wireframing.
  • While it's packed with plenty of features, its speed sets it apart. Annotate your designs, add notes, and manage important points efficiently. It also comes with a Annotation library that helps organize your designs with ease.
  • The starting phase of designing can feel overwhelming. Get instant access to resources with Outline for rapid wireframing.

How will it help me?
  • Ship out the best version of your design faster: Test out every idea quickly with all essential resources at your fingertips
  • Design pixel-perfect designs: Our wireframe kit snaps effortlessly to a 4 and 8-point grid
  • Maintain a cohesive look: Access plenty of typography, colors, and layout grid that easily adapt across designs.
  • Organize your files effortlessly: Find every file or template easily with named layers, and tips in notes
  • Resize any component or template: Packed with Figma's best features, including AutoLayout 3.0 so it effortlessly adapts to your specific projects
  • Edit anything with ease: Update components or add new blocks in a few quick clicks


  • 740+ component library: Easily access placeholder devices, image frames, and more
  • Customizable assets: This includes global style guides, icons, and more
  • Extensive media assets: Find over 1,180 assets and icons in one place
  • Stackable blocks: Tailor your designs to suit different web pages
  • Responsive pages: Work easily with the power of Auto Layout 3.0
  • Customize quickly: Edit, update, and add new blocks in just a few clicks
  • Accurate status updates: Mark the status of any frame or element quickly
  • Organized comments‍: Drop comments or annotations on specific elements in your design
  • Comprehensive comment summaries: Review all significant notes in your design’s workbench


  • A basic understanding of UX/UI design principles and Figma
  • A desire to improve your design process or workflow
  • A laptop or desktop computer with steady internet access
  • A Figma account (Educational or Professional)

Who is this product for?

Students & Junior Designers

Start your UI design process with basic elements that follow best practices.

Senior Designers

Improve your workflow and speed up your design process with effective tools.

Independent Freelancers

Impress your clients and boost your earning potential by delivering top-notch results quickly.

Design Teams & Startups

Design, test, and iterate faster with the help of customizable components and productivity tools.

Developers & Engineers

Make your coding faster and more efficient with development-ready templates.

What to expect from a Designership product

Work faster and smarter
Streamline every phase of your design journey, from brainstorming to the final presentation.
Accessible to all skill levels, these tools simplify complex design tasks.
Tailor-made flexibility
Adapt every tool to fit your project’s unique requirements.
Design consistency
Align your designs with a strong and cohesive look for each project.

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Shipfaster UI is constantly updated and improved by the Designership team.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We're here to support your design journey.

What is the Outline: Figma’s Ultimate Wireframe Kit?

The Outline: Figma’s Ultimate Wireframe Kit from Designership is a comprehensive wireframe kit for creating wireframes quickly and efficiently. Create, iterate, and perfect designs with accuracy.

How many components does the Outline Wireframe Kit have?

The kit includes 350+ components, so that designers have plenty of options to visualize their ideas effectively.

Does the kit include any ready-to-use templates?

Yes, it comes with pre-made templates to help designers start their projects quickly.

Does this product come with lifetime access?

Yes, you get lifetime access to the version you've purchased. For example, Shipfaster UI 2.0 - 2.9 is the same version.

Is the kit updated with Figma’s newest features like Auto Layout 3.0?

Yes, the Designership team is constantly updating it with Figma’s latest advancements. This includes Auto Layout 3.0 to offer the most up-to-date design capabilities.

How will the kit help me create high-quality, precise designs?

The kit, created by industry expert Michael Wong, focuses on precision and quality. Every component aligns perfectly with the pixel grid for well-polished designs.

Does the kit offer global styles?

Yes, it includes global styles. This makes it easy for designers to keep their projects consistent and update design elements.

Can I customize the components and templates?

Definitely. This kit is known for its top-notch design, flexibility, and various tools and templates that you can customize for each of your design projects.

Why choose the Outline: Figma Wireframe Kit over others?

This kit stands out for its high-quality design, versatility, and comprehensive range of tools and templates. It's a top choice for design professionals.

How will Outline: Figma’s Ultimate Wireframe Kit improve teamwork?

This kit is specially made for Figma. Its well-organized setup of parts and templates helps teams keep their designs uniform and work together faster.

Can I get a trial or preview of the Outline: Figma Wireframe Kit before purchasing?

Yes, there is a preview available. However, the full version is only accessible when you buy it and cannot be refunded.

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Start designing today!

Streamline your prototypes with our multi-purpose wireframe kit.
Single user license
for solo designers, developers, and freelancers
One-user only access
90+ page templates
60+ global styles
1,180+ media assets
740+ customisable components
Team license
for agencies, design teams, and enterprises
Up to 5 team members
90+ page templates
60+ global styles
1,180+ media assets
740+ customisable components
File format: Fig
File size:
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Lifetime access and update
Last update:
March 2024

Outline: Figma’s Ultimate Wireframe Kit

Design and prototype a website from scratch.

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Lifetime access and update
90+ page templates
60+ global styles
1,180+ media assets
740+ customisable components
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