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Switching career paths: From Graphic Design to UX/UI Design

The Ultimate Figma Masterclass
December 24, 2023
Mansi Sanghani
UI/UX Designer

Mansi's journey from graphic design to UX design is about confronting challenges and adapting to change.

Starting her career in graphic design, she soon realized the shift from print to digital media was not just a trend but a new direction for her career.

This realization led her to the UI/UX design world, which initially seemed daunting. She grappled with the complexities of Auto-layout and Figma, a key tool in modern UI design. Because both were unfamiliar territory to her, she felt out of touch with current industry practices.

Determined to bridge these gaps, Mansi enrolled in Designership's Figma course.

Here's how she overcame these hurdles and became a proficient and accomplished UI/UX designer.

Behind the designer

Every designer is different in preferences and thought processes. This is why we make it a point to ask some fun questions to get to know them a little better.

💁🏻This or That

  • Music or Podcast? Music.
  • Deep sea or outer space? Deep sea.
  • Naming layers or Unnamed layers? Naming layers.
  • Mac or PC? Mac.
  • Light mode or dark mode? Light mode.
  • Landing your dream job or winning the lottery? Landing your dream job.
  • Morning Person or Night Owl? Morning person.

🎨 What’s that one thing you can’t live without as a designer?

Mansi: As a designer, the one thing I can't live without is my trusty sketchbook. It's not just a physical tool; it's a wellspring of inspiration and a canvas for my creative thoughts.

Whenever an idea strikes or a design concept needs fleshing out, my sketchbook is where it all begins. It's a space where I can freely doodle, brainstorm, and visualize my ideas before translating them into digital designs.

In a world of digital tools and screens, there's something deeply organic and personal about putting pen to paper that fuels my creativity and keeps me grounded in the fundamentals of design. My sketchbook is not just a tool; it's an integral part of my design process and a constant source of inspiration.

💻 What does your designer toolkit look like?


  • Macbook Pro
  • Android phone

✨ What motivated you to become a UX/UI designer?

Mansi: Transitioning from my role as a graphic designer between 2009 and 2012, I observed the evolving landscape of print media.

Seeking a more dynamic career path, I delved into the digital space, where I encountered the intriguing realm of UI/UX design. The process, involving techniques like using sticky notes, conducting research, and crafting screens, deeply resonated with me.

Recognizing its potential, I was instantly drawn to this field and have since remained committed to interactive media, continuously enhancing my skills along the way.

⛔ Before enrolling in Designership's Masterclass, what problem(s) were you encountering in your career?

Mansi: Before enrolling in Designership's Masterclass, I encountered several challenges in my career that I was eager to address. Firstly, I had a fear of using Auto-layout, which limited my efficiency and effectiveness in designing interfaces.

Secondly, Figma felt like an uncharted territory, hindering my ability to fully harness its potential.  These challenges had a significant impact on my work and confidence. I felt somewhat disconnected from the world of UI design and left behind in terms of current industry practices.

However, after completing the Designership course, I experienced a remarkable transformation. I regained my passion for creating beautiful UI, adopting smarter and more streamlined workflows.

I also gained proficiency in building and working with design systems, understanding the fundamentals of component development, and ultimately, I could proudly identify as a product designer. The course addressed these pain points and reinvigorated my career in UX/UI design.

👀 How did you first hear about Designership's Masterclass(es)? What stood out to you about our course offering/s?

Mansi: I first learned about Designership's Masterclass from my husband, who had been exploring UI/UX design about 18 months ago. He came across Mizko's content on YouTube and discovered the course. He found it compelling and shared it with me.

Around six months ago, when I was facing challenges in UI design and searching for ways to enhance my skills, I remembered the course he had shown me. It seemed like the perfect solution to address my learning needs and professional aspirations, so I decided to enroll.

The course's strong recommendation from my husband and its reputation for providing valuable UI/UX insights were the key factors that drew me to Designership's Masterclass.

✨What motivated you to enroll in the Designership’s Practical User Research & Strategy Masterclass and The Figma Masterclass?

Mansi: I enrolled in Designership's Figma Masterclass with the goal of mastering Figma's advanced features and techniques. Before joining the course, I felt a bit overwhelmed by Figma's potential and wanted to gain confidence in using auto-layout, components, and creating a design system effectively.

What stood out to me about the course was its comprehensive coverage of these topics. The course not only addressed my immediate needs but also offered a deeper dive into building a Design System, bridging the gap between UI and UX, and enhancing prototyping and animation skills. This holistic approach made the course stand out from other classes.

Michael Wong's teaching style and attention to detail were also major factors in my decision to enroll. His ability to simplify complex concepts and provide practical guidance greatly appealed to me.

Overall, I entered the course with anticipation and a desire to improve my UI/UX skills, and I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations, equipping me with valuable skills and a newfound passion for Product Design.

<span class="purple-star"></span>Mansi's flight to her North Star

Now as a Lead Product Designer in Australia, Mansi's story inspires anyone considering a career switch.

In the fast-paced UI/UX design industry, feeling disconnected and out of touch are common. However, Mansi's experience proves how the right guidance and a growth mindset can turn these challenges into milestones of success.

The Ultimate Figma Masterclass Course significantly improved her efficiency and precision in UI design. By the end of the course, Mansi had a solid foundation in Auto-Layout, Figma, and advanced UI/UX principles. She also learned how to build a Design System effectively, which streamlined her process and ensured project consistency.

This enabled her to tackle complex challenges and make confident design decisions. Mansi's practical knowledge learned from the course addressed her immediate challenges and propelled her career forward.

Her journey, marked by continuous learning and adaptation, is an inspiring example of how education and determination can shape a successful career.

Mansi Sanghani
UI/UX Designer
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