The Ultimate Figma Masterclass: Everything you need to know

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April 27, 2022

It’s time to find out why thousands of other designers worldwide have chosen to master Figma with The Ultimate Figma Masterclass course. 

Let's be honest. Isn't designing UI as simple as drawing rectangles and changing a few colors? Why would anyone even need to take a Figma course?

Most Figma users don't even realize that they're not using Figma to its fullest potential. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? 

  • Unsure how to set up and manage your Figma files
  • Confused about building a design system from scratch
  • Unaware you can create 100% responsive designs with AutoLayout in seconds
  • Don’t know how to create beautiful animations and transitions with your prototypes
  • Struggling to utilize interactive components
  • Not sure how to document your UI designs for developers

The Designership’s Ultimate Figma Masterclass takes you from zero to Figma hero by giving you all the building blocks you need, including processes, frameworks, templates, and technical knowledge. Renowned as the best online course on the market, there’s a reason we have 2,600+ students worldwide leveling up with us. 

Whether you’re looking to enroll or just want to know the course a little better, here’s your introduction to the Ultimate Figma Masterclass course. 

Let’s go!

Overview of the best Figma Masterclass Course

Ultimate Figma Masterclass

The Ultimate Figma Masterclass is the best Figma course for a reason. The course takes you through UI design, UI design principles, and frameworks. You get a deep dive into organizing and managing Figma files and a complete how-to on project management to help you stand out in the job market. You’ll also learn how to master advanced responsive UI design with AutoLayout, from building a Design System from scratch to animating your prototypes to help bring the “wow” factor.

The Ultimate Figma Masterclass comes with over 10 hours of action-packed video content. You’ll discover everything you need to know about Figma across 90+ videos and countless resources. 

In the newest chapter of the Ultimate Figma Masterclass course, we’ve added an end-to-end lesson on Prototyping and animations. 

Ever wanted to build and maintain a Design System from scratch? Now you can! 

Supercharge your workflow by building your own Design System with scalable color systems, a responsive Typography scale, grid layout, and advanced input systems with ease. 

You’ll also get a step-by-step walkthrough of a design handover (no more confusing messages or incorrect info), a handover presentation template, and a project starter file. 

Suppose all the good stuff hasn’t won you over yet. In that case, this will; every student gets instant access to lifetime updates and exclusive access to the Designership Community.

Ready to join close to 3,000 other UX/UI design students in one of the strongest communities in the industry? This is your VIP backstage, all-access, meet the artists pass. 

Is the Ultimate Figma Masterclass course for you?

You’re completely new to Figma

If you’re a beginner, maybe even a complete stranger to Figma, and you didn’t even know that Figma existed a week ago, then this is the course for you. 

You need to have a properly structured, concise course to guide you through the entirety of Figma as a design tool, but you also need to have that real-world and practical education. That’s why the Ultimate Figma Masterclass is a favorite for beginner designers—it’s simple, comprehensive, and oh-so-fun to learn. 

You’ll be covered with the ground-up education, incredible community support, and extremely practical exercises that guide you from building a Figma Design System all the way through to building a responsive page using all the components you have created. 

You have gaps in your end-to-end Figma workflow

Is there something you dread completing on Figma simply because you don’t know how to do it? 

Chances are, there are gaps in your end-to-end workflow, and the best way to discover where those gaps are, and start filling them in, is with practical Figma lessons. When it comes to Figma, the best way to identify and resolve any knowledge gaps is to put theory into practice with valuable and practical lessons that take you every step of the way. 

The Ultimate Figma Masterclass shows you how to build an actual real-life project from start to end. Beginning with an in-depth understanding of Design Systems and what they can help you achieve, the course covers every inch of the process up until you would handover to the developers.

This end-to-end, step-by-step, no stone left unturned practical course uses a real-world scenario to help you get a complete end-to-end Figma workflow. 

You are transitioning from Adobe XD or Sketch to Figma

Maybe you’re already a UX designer with a few projects up your sleeve. Perhaps you’re looking to upskill, or your dream job requires you to be a Figma-pro. Maybe you just discovered the Figma community and can’t resist joining in. 

If you’re a designer still using Sketch or Adobe XD, and want to switch to Figma, you’re in the right place. 

The course covers every inch of the entire UI design workflow, so you can be assured that you’ll be able to expedite your learning!

What makes this Figma course different?

It gets you job-ready

The beauty of the Ultimate Figma Masterclass course is that it’s been specifically designed to get you job-ready through a real-world project.

As a designer or aspiring designer, you may be asking, “why should I learn Figma?” We believe you should learn how to use Figma because Figma is the most used tool in the game. 

In a survey conducted at the close of 2021, found Figma holds reign as the primary tool for designers. Of those surveyed, 54% used Figma as their primary tool, with Adobe XD coming in at 10%, Sketch at 3%, and InVision at 4%. 

Being skilled at using the most-used tool in the market gives you a considerable advantage—skills and support wise. When more people are using a tool, there’s more support, more troubleshooting, and even more opportunities for collaboration. It’s kind of like learning a universal design language.

To help get you job-ready with the right hard skills, this Figma Masterclass has practical lessons, actionable step-by-step processes, and the right framework to help you design the right way for real-world projects.

You’ll learn to prototype and animate perfectly for users and stakeholders alike. You will be able to manage design projects and navigate working with developers efficiently with ease. The course helps to hone your communication skills to explain clearly, in detail, step-by-step to every client your design’s “why.”

To help you work with developers, the Figma Masterclass gives you an insight into all the tools from a developer's perspective. Get ready for effortless preparation of files and handoff, and learn how to interpret and apply design feedback.

Free Figma presentation templates provided

The Ultimate Figma Masterclass helps banish pre-meeting panic by giving you access to real-world design presentation templates and workflows.

With these templates, you will be able to implement them directly into your workflow and start presenting your design work like a pro.

You’ll also learn the subtle art of working with and not against your team and clients to help make a design more than just something good to look at. No more awkward conversations and no more design disasters.

If you’re someone who panics thinking, “how do I even prepare for a design presentation?” then look forward to The Designership’s exact blueprint of how to present and walkthrough designs. Thanks to the course and your ability to understand and explain the “why,” presenting will be as easy as your ABCs. 

It teaches you the “why” behind UI design

Plenty of Figma courses on the market can teach you how to design decently. Still, only the Ultimate Figma Masterclass gives you practical lessons and templates to help you beyond the classroom. 

To help you become a unicorn UI designer, The Ultimate Figma Masterclass teaches you the “why” behind every design decision. 

From the technical reasoning behind Autolayout and it’s relationship with Flexbox to building a systematic and scalable typography scale. Everything you learn will be backed by evidence.

The best way to manage a Figma file

There’s nothing worse than a chaotic workspace, and it’s the first thing to trip up rookie or poorly trained designers. The Ultimate Figma Masterclass aims to stop messy design spaces once and for all. 

This course teaches you how to set up and manage a Figma file in a real-world project. You will also access a starter file that you can kickstart every project with. Most importantly, you will also learn to manage design feedback while still keeping your files well organized.

You’ll learn how to build a Figma design system and UI kit from scratch

The Ultimate Figma Masterclass really does give you all the essential blueprints. This course will provide you with a clear and complete step-by-step guide to building a Figma Design System and UI Kit using advanced techniques. All from scratch, and all in a way that you can do time and time again. 

You will learn everything from applying front-end development principles to the planning and managing Figma variants for large-scaled components.

You wouldn’t believe the number of newbie designers who enroll in our course and are gobsmacked at the time they save thanks to our time-saving tips and tricks and Design System. 

Designers who don’t use a Design System repeatedly recreate the same individual component from scratch and don’t use AutoLayout to its full potential. All this results in is a headache, inconsistency, and time wasted most of the time. 

Our goal is to help you learn how to create scalable Design Systems from scratch to help improve the consistency of your UI design. No more scalability issues, no more fiddly designs that just won’t behave, and no more hours lost trying to make your webpage or app work. 

For beginners and some experienced designers, AutoLayout is the toughest nut to crack when it comes to Figma. You might have also seen (or just might be) a designer who does everything they can to avoid AutoLayout. They find themselves manually resizing everything to fit into tablets and mobile views.

In The Ultimate Figma Masterclass, we teach you how to use and master AutoLayout so that you no longer run for the hills at the thought of resizing. It’s ideal for those struggling to get their heads around AutoLayout or hoping to create full-blown scaleable Design Systems.

The Design Community (You’re In Good Company) 

As a bonus in joining this course, you’ll be given access to the incredible (and exclusive) global Designership community in joining this course.

Thousands of like-minded designers from all corners of the industry are able to connect with each other, bounce ideas, and troubleshoot designs. Our community is a space for UX/UI designers who want to upskill, share, and get creative.

The Designership community is known for its discussions and conversations between designers. It’s super helpful in solving challenges, sharing unblocks and suggestions, and discussing industry changes. 

Looking for free resources? With close to 1M views on the Designership’s YouTube channel and thousands of answered comments and discussions, you’re never alone in this community.

What other students have said:

The Ultimate Figma Masterclass has 2,600+ students worldwide, and they have a lot to say about how the course got them their dream job. 

We get messages like this every day: 

We even have students proudly sharing their certificates on LinkedIn. Future employers can’t resist seeing a well-trained, pro-active UX/UI designer, and with the Designership certificate on display, they know they’re getting the best of the best.

Ready to find out more?

Don’t just take our word for it. Start your dream design job today! Head this way to learn more about The Ultimate Figma Masterclass, hear from more students and alumni, and join the community.

Michael Wong
Founder of Designership & z0 Studio

Mizko, also known as Michael Wong, brings a 14-year track record as a Founder, Educator, Investor, and Designer. His career evolved from lead designer to freelancer, and ultimately to the owner of a successful agency, generating over $10M in revenue from Product (UX/UI) Design, Web Design, and No-code Development. His leadership at the agency contributed to the strategy and design for over 50 high-growth startups, aiding them in raising a combined total of over $400M+ in venture capital.

Notable projects include: Autotrader (Acquired. by eBay), PhoneWagon (Acquired by CallRails), Spaceship ($1B in managed funds), Archistar ($15M+ raised) and many more.

You can learn more about me on:
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