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How do the latest Figma updates impact the Ultimate Figma Masterclass? (May 2022)

May 10, 2022
How do the latest Figma updates impact the Ultimate Figma Masterclass? (May 2022)


How do the latest Figma updates impact the Ultimate Figma Masterclass? (May 2022)

Figma's most highly anticipated conference Config 2022 just happened and I'm personally blown away by all the latest features and updates.

Now I know many of you are wondering, how does this impact our Ultimate Figma Masterclass course?

Before we dive into solutions, please keep in mind that we do not have control over when Figma decides to make major updates to their platform. However it is in our best intention to support all our students to the best we can.

With that out of the way, let's dive in.

Now it is true that some of the key features of Figma have received a makeover, including Autolayout and components.

What are the new features from Figma's Config 2022?

Figma shared a list of the latest features being rolled out to their platform on Twitter.

They included:

Most of these updates have been improvements to existing Figma features. If you want to learn more about them, you can on their blog.

How do they impact the Figma Masterclass course?

Comparison of Figma's new and old Autolayout

Let's get the bad news out of the way first. Yes, a few updates have been made to core Figma features including Autolayout and Components. This includes a re-arrangement of icon placement in Figma's interface and some additional controls that make existing features more powerful.

Not too bad right?

Now onto the good news. Even though a few things have been moved around and some new cool features added on, Autolayout (one of the most used features in the course) still functions the same. We can still:

  • Set items packed or space between
  • Adjust spacing between items
  • Align items horizontally and vertically
  • Add padding around an element

In addition to the existing features you can now:

  • Add negative spacing to Autolayout items
  • Position items inside an Autolayout component freely, with Absolute positioning
  • Reorder the stacking of items in an Autolayout component based on the layer ordering
  • and a few more which you can learn about here.

In all honesty, the updates have been a godsend and many Figma enthusiasts have been wanting these updates for quite a while. But in terms of how it impacts the course? I believe it's marginal as the fundamental features still operate the same, with just a few minor tweaks, improvements and re-arrangement of UI placements.

If you are an existing student and want to learn more about some of the latest updates, this 15 minute video covers everything you need to know.

I was thinking about enrolling, should I wait for a course update? 

If you are new and considering jumping into the Figma Masterclass course, please be aware that there may be slight differences in the recordings and the latest Figma's interface.

Once again, the updates are minor but I do understand it can be confusing for those who are new to Figma, so please be wary about this.

We are keeping an eye on the matter and will be assessing how these changes impact our existing students.

We will definitely be rolling out supportive material and additional videos across our channels and into the existing course to help our students navigate the changes.

There are no immediate plans to revamp the entire Figma Masterclass course, as we believe most updates have a minor impact to the existing course material.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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