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Best Web Design Inspirations for July 2021

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July 22, 2021
Best Web Design Inspirations for July 2021


Best Web Design Inspirations for July 2021

Web designers always keep up with the latest industry news, trends, and technology. However, standards change all the time, so understanding how to keep current with your design is essential for being a successful web designer. As a result, designers never stop looking for inspiration in other people’s work. Blogs are a fantastic resource for assisting others, but there are hundreds of them. So how do you recognise which designs are genuinely worthy of your attention?

We maintained an eye on the ever-changing online trends when it comes to design. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of top-rated site designs for July 2021 in this blog. We hope that this list not only inspires you but also assists you in taking your website design to the next level.

1. Sandland

If you aim to design an eCommerce business, this cute and soothing design is a perfect inspiration. The developers, Numbered from the Netherlands, perfectly captured the relaxing aesthetic of Sandland’s products which are medications for sleep. Numbered utilised soft yellow and pink palettes that easily pleased the eyes of the user. They also integrated very smooth hover animations, which honestly can make you feel sleepy too!

The breathing-like text animation for the words “fall asleep,” “longer,” and “zzzzzz” is so unique and catchy. Just by looking at it, you unconsciously sync your breathing with it. The animation was an intentional design since Sandland wants the users to have a relaxing time while browsing their website. Numbered did a great job focusing on enhanced user experience and usability through incorporating Sandland’s aesthetic and goals into one fantastic web design.

2. Crazy About Eggs

Another designer from the Netherlands developed this quirky web design for Crazy About Eggs. This one is a highly interactive website that incorporates storytelling through its catchy animations. Superhero Cheesecake, the designer, really did a great job with the parallax, unique sideways scrolling, UI animation, and typography. With the quirky design, users can feel the hype on buying packs of eggs. You can never truly feel much hype in buying eggs through this website!

But really, the one thing that stands out the most in this design is the UI animations. The leaves, the eggs, and the art all have minimal animation that is not intrusive to the user’s eyes. Rather than a distraction, it becomes unified with the overall look of the website. The moving words also are a highlight for this design. Superhero Cheesecake’s illustration, graphic, and UX designs are worth the inspiration!

3. Third By Kenjiro

THIRD is a family office that aims to re-humanise finance. A sense of mystery and humanity is created through earthy tones, handcrafted textures, imprecise lines, and paint interactions. Monopoly, the designer for this website, remarkably captured the aesthetic for THIRD. When you enter the website, you can feel this mysterious vibe in an empty-looking land page, making you curious. Little did you know that when you click your mouse and drag it across the screen, a brush of red paint also follows it, revealing the missing details on the website.

Monopoly designed the website as if THIRD is a secret organization filled with mystery. Every page tells a part of THIRD which makes it unique from the rest of its competitors. You can tell from the design that THIRD offers the best quality of service but only to people who are highly interested in them. And since users can easily interpret that just from their website, Monopo did an exceptional job designing with a sense of mystery and humanity with THIRD’s website. This design is a big inspiration if you want a website design with minimal designs yet still highly interactive.

4. Lucid Motors

Robin Cenijin’s sleek and masculine design for Lucid Motors is just perfect. The dark and brooding colors make the users feel the intense passion Lucid Motors has for delivering high-quality products and services. In addition, the smooth transitions between modules and pages look very professional, which helps users navigate through their products. Robin also did great at presenting Lucid Motors products by a “car-selection” like modules as those in games. As a result, users can easily compare products and see the differences between cars easily. These features are a total plus for a website’s user experience.

5. Gabriel Cuallado’s Portfolio Website

Just by browsing through Gabriel Cuallado’s website, you can feel the heavy emotions and seriousness in their works. De Jaune and De Blue, the designers for this website, successfully captured the aesthetic of Cuallado’s works and incorporated it into his website portfolio. The smooth transitions are perfect. The liquid-like animations are so unique and give you that feeling of seeing photographs getting processed through sublimation! Everything on this website’s designs feels very powerful, which leaves you in awe. Cuallado’s works are perfect, but De Jaune and De Blue gave his portfolio the justice it deserves. It is a very interactive website that prods the users to explore the website and learn more about Gabriel’s works.

We look forward to next month!

It’s always fascinating to observe how web design evolves, as well as the no-code movement’s growing momentum. Keeping up with current trends and educating oneself is essential for a new graduate seeking to get into the design profession or an experienced designer. Hopefully, you’ll get some inspiration from this hand-picked collection of outstanding site designs. Good luck with designing a web that is on par with these!

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