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4 Amazing UX Design Portfolios To Find Inspiration From

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June 17, 2021
4 Amazing UX Design Portfolios To Find Inspiration From


4 Amazing UX Design Portfolios To Find Inspiration From

The majority of those working in the digital world nowadays seem to recognize the importance of user experience. But many people don’t understand why it’s vital. UX is more than just making a website look nicer. It’s a design discipline that’s almost scientific in nature. This is why a UX designer’s portfolio is more than just a platform where a designer can demonstrate his or her abilities; it’s also a chance to create a positive user experience. In other words, designers must emphasize outstanding work, tell an interesting story, and showcase their UX expertise. In this article, I have intentionally brought together 4 Truly Amazing UX Design Portfolios to highlight what they have done well and spark inspiration to designers.

1. Isa Pinheiro

simple ux design portfolio

The great thing about Isa Pinheiro’s UX design portfolio is its simplicity and how she used this element to reinforce how beautiful her work is. The first captivating thing about her design is the headline. In just a few words, she was able to effectively communicate her personality.

Just by reading the text, one can tell that Isa can potentially be one of those designers that love to travel, experience new things, take good photographs and explore the world. Isa’s portfolio also features very clean layouts that also help showcase her designs.

Isa’s projects and case studies were also very well put. They are visually captivating and offer insights that can be extremely beneficial to companies that are looking for a visually-driven UX designer.

She also presented her works in a strong manner because she utilized videos to give her visitors an actual experience of how she does things. Not to mention, videos are incredibly effective when it comes to providing online users with a highly engaging experience.

Unlike other UX designers that don’t put too much care on the UI and UX design pace, Isa Pinheiro’s portfolio is brimming with consistency and everything is just neatly tucked in together. If you’re the type of person who loves to take a minimalist approach to your UX design portfolios, then you can find a lot of inspiration from Isa Pinheiro’s UX design portfolio.

2. Kurt Winter‘s UX Design Portfolio

ux design portfolio

Kurt’s design portfolio shows he’s a strong visually-driven designer. This portrayal can be a potential asset for companies that need talented visual designers. Kurt also features very good use of photography, which increases the level of imagery in the entire design. By showcasing a bit of the design work, the portfolio helps capture the readers’ attention. This then gives them the opportunity to walk through the process with ease

Kurt’s portfolio also offers a very clean and organised layout. This makes it visually appealing and captivating.

ux design portfolio

In addition, one of the most notable thing about Kurt’s portfolio is that he seemed to have bundled all of the UX strategies and process all in one segment without making the featured case studies distracting. This demonstrates how creatively organised Kurt is when it comes to providing insights to his visitors.

ux design portfolio

All in all, the greatest thing about Kurt’s portfolio is that he takes what Isa has done and then he decided to highlight a little bit more of the UX process. Not to mention, all of his case studies are answering what a company might need from a UI or UX designer such as himself.

3. Olivia Truong’s

ux design portfolio

Olivia Truong’s portfolio is quite interesting, engaging, and captivating. Olivia’s design is also visually-driven just like the other portfolios. However, the way she presented her case studies is quite different from that of Kurt and Isa. This is because she didn’t rely on imagery or visuals from that aspect.

Olivia is using more of a standard case study layout, which is quite different from Kurt and Isa as I’ve mentioned. It was structured in a way that demonstrates how objective Olivia is when it comes to the UX design process. Her goal is to walk visitors through the design process to provide them with an actual and interactive experience.

ux design portfolio
ux design portfolio

Olivia is also very strategic when it comes to how she positions herself as a designer. She’s technical and strategic in a way that she highlights her abilities without focusing too much on the visual aspect of her portfolio. This is actually a good thing since it gives an impression that Olivia is confident with her UX skills. Not to mention, showcasing your abilities can provide you with an advantage when it comes to getting hired by objective-driven companies.

4. Johny Vino’s UX Design Portfolio

ux design portfolio

Johnny Vino’s portfolio is a little bit different. You can definitely tell that his design is different from the first three portfolios that I’ve discussed. Johnny completely understands how to position himself as an authority and as a desirable designer.

Whether you’re aware or not, there are tons of design strategies that you can implement in your portfolio. This is important in order to position yourself in a way that is advantageous for you. Notice how Johnny featured the popular brands he worked with right off the bat.

While his visual design style doesn’t equate to Isa, Kurt, and Olivia, it’s actually not a bad thing in general. The vibe that Johnny’s visual design is giving off is a bit entrepreneurial. This suggests that he has a good understanding of product design. He also probably knows what he really wants to do from a business perspective.

ux design portfolio

So that’s it for the top 4 UX design portfolios that you can use as a reference to find inspiration from, especially when creating your own design portfolio. Should you want to have a more detailed discussion of this article, check out the full video here.

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