The Primary Research Essentials Workshop

Learn how to confidently run a primary research sprint.
Taught by Michael Wong
Founder of Designership
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Learn-by-doing with other fellow designers from around the world

L01 - Introduction

L02 - UX research explained

L03 - Defining a problem

L04 - Defining an objective

L05 - Defining a hypothesis

L06 - User interview overview

L07 - Crafting objectively-driven questions

L08 - Finding participants

L09 - Final challenge

Workshop takeaways

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Master the end-to-end primary research process.
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Learn how to form user research strategies for any type of project.
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Confidently craft objectively-driven questions for user interviews.
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Truly understand how to connect every stage of the primary research process to become an effective product designer.
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About your instructor

Over the last 14 years, Michael (better known as Mizko) has been an in-house and freelance designer, agency owner, mentor and educator. He has helped strategise, design and launch over 100+ products, helping them raise over $500M+. Throughout his previous agencies, he has generated over $5M+ in sales through UI, UX and Branding design work.
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