Button Group

Combines the triggers for a few related features into one interface element.


It’s a fundamental part of your interface that users need to press to make the action you want them to take. Button groups are a collection of several related actions that a user can take.

When to use

  • To group several actions with similar purposes.

Best Practices

  • Not all buttons in a group require an icon, but buttons with icons should always be of a higher priority than ones without icons. If the most critical action in a group doesn’t have an icon, don’t use icons in the remaining lower-level actions.
  • The order of button priority should match the alignment of surrounding text. When text is left-aligned, buttons should be arranged so that the leftmost button is the most critical. When text is right- or center- aligned, the most critical action should be the furthest right.
  • Be thoughtful about how multiple buttons will look and work on small screens.
  • Group together calls to action that have a relationship.

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